Mini Soccer Balls Review


Mini Soccer Balls Review

Football is indeed one of the most influential sports. Players need a good soccer ball, which is sturdy and highly flexible. Aside from that, there are things to consider, such as sizes, kinds, material quality, durability, and performance.

There are two main kinds of football: One is usually played in regular indoor or outdoor games. It is usually smaller in size and has less capacity to bounce. The second is played mainly for training purposes and used by professionals in tournaments. It is the most expensive since it undergoes FIFA approval when it comes to the ball’s flight, shape, water retention, and many more.

When it comes to football sizes, we have five types. These incrementally level up from size 1, which is mainly used for skills development to size 5 standard size used by professional players. As for the material of the outer covering of the ball, the polyvinyl (PVC) types have good quality even at the lowest price. However, it is not played in professional game tournaments. The most expensive one is used in a professional tournament. It is made up of synthetic leather that gives a smooth exterior surface and high control ability.

For enhanced air retention, the ball’s bladder, along with butyl, is the most ideal as it bounces well. Whereas, when it comes to patches, the hand-sewed ball has more durability than machine stitched balls. For better retention of shape, there must be more layers between the bladder and exterior. It is to say that a ball composed of synthetic leather with 32 panels have great performance.

Top 7 Mini Soccer Balls

Wilson Traditional Football

The outstanding feature of this ball is its exterior, which is made of synthetic leather. We know that if a football is crafted out of it, we know that it has a great control ability. For good air retention, it is made up of bladder butyl coated with rubber. It is water-resistant and comes with different sizes. With that in mind, you can always play with a lightweight and perfectly shaped soccer ball, even in the presence of rainy days.

It comes with different sizes, such as size 3, 4, and 5. It can be used by your kids or adult members of the family. Nevertheless, despite the sweating moment brought by the game, you should think of ways not to wear it out.

Mikasa Serious Football

If the hand-stitched ones satisfy you, Mikasa Serious football would be your top list in your cart. It is a sturdy ball in which your kids can surely enjoy. It is more affordable when associated with other brands. It can be used indoors and outdoors even it gets heavier since it is sewed by hand. The exterior is made up of synthetic leather with a cushioned pad. The shape is maintained as it has a butyl bladder inside of its circumference.

Now, just make sure that when you try to fill it with air, do not over pile it as it can be too hard. Enough air will do the work for your all-day game activity.

Adidas Capitano Football

A good quality soccer ball is the one that can stand against heading and kicking. Gladly, Adidas Capitano has that characteristic that made it usable even in a long period of time. The butyl bladder has retained its shape even with tons of kick. Even it comes at a lower price. It is machine-sewed, which only means that it can last for a long period of time. You don’t need to inflate it again and again since it has good air retention.

Franklin Sports Football

If you are up to a smooth foam-like exterior, Franklin football is the best in it. Since it is composed of a foam pad, it is comfortable even it hits your head and lower extremities. Water can’t get into the ball since it is covered with PVC covering. These balls come with sizes 3, 4, and 5. For that reason, you can play it even you are just about to learn the sport. Similar to other soccer balls, when not used properly, the stitches can be easily worn out.


Fifa-approved soccer balls are said to be the footballs that work in high performance. It is timely in the case of kickerball. It underwent several tests before it was trading in the market. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a professional player, you can always rely on this durable football. You can play this inside your backyard or even in outdoor places like on the beach. Your kids will enjoy playing with these either size 4 or 5 soccer ball.

The only downfall for this ball is its lightweight. For that reason, since it is lighter, it can lose its speed in the long run. That is why we must store our football in a clean and cozy place.

Adidas Glider Football

Whenever you want a smaller size and bigger size for all the family members, Adidas Glider comes with most of the sizes. It is crafted with the rubberized bladder. It is mechanically sewed so as to hold the ball together. It is a premium quality football where you can teach your kids and do actual games. The exterior is made of TPU shell. Whereas, the lining is laced with nylon for a great performance.

Like any other ball, when used for a long time of period, it gets older and shapeless. However, if you take care of it, you can always avoid it to be torn apart from any sharp rocks.

K-Roo Sports 6 Pack Footballs

If you are looking for an affordable football, K-Roo is the best among the options. This is perfect for your kids as it goes with a mesh bag and pump. These 6 pieces size 4 footballs are a great tool to mold their skills and capabilities. It comes with different colors such as pink, yellow, green, red, violet, and blue.

You can play these with your kids, even indoors or outdoors. It is made to be light to suit the grasp potential of your children perfectly. However, later on, you may not be satisfied since the mesh is poorly sewed. Nevertheless, if you are just having a few hours playing with your kids, there is no reason not to enjoy this football.

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