Hinged Knee Brace Review


Hinged Knee Brace Review

If you are an athlete, running, or shooting to win a game, your best support against the tire and wear out is a good Hinged Knee Brace. It serves not only as a protection but also a great partner to go beyond your limits.

If you went through an accident, recovering from an injury, the best way to stabilize your joint between your thigh and leg is through the use of an efficient firm hinged knee brace.

Our joints are as essential as our feet. That is why we should take care of them so as to do things and, most importantly, to walk every day of our lives. It is a great opportunity to live every day without worries and hesitation, far from any accidents.

To help you find the best for your knees, we will discuss the top 5 knee supporters in this review article. We will also consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

But before purchasing one, let’s discuss first the factors that you should ponder in obtaining the best product.

Size of the Knee Support

Out of different manufacturers out there, the size of Hinged Knee Brace are not perfectly equal. For that reason, to have the right size of brace, you should pay attention as to how they will get your size. Take time to make sure that you are ordering the right one.

Ease of Wearing

You may choose between the one with adjustable straps or the sleeves form of the brace. The latter takes more time to put on since you will have to put off your shoes. Whereas, with the adjustable straps, you can put it on quickly as it can be wrapped around your knees easily.


You are buying for a knee support to satisfy comfortability not to burden you with the right properties. So to avoid too much sweat and heat, you should prefer the type of Hinged Knee Brace that is breathable. These types can help you maintain a good ventilation system.

Type of Patella

There are only two choices for these – the opened and closed patella support brace. The latter adds pressure to the patella. Whereas, the open patella releases pressure into the surroundings.


The quality of good knee support depends mainly on its price tag. The more expensive it is, the better its quality. It can be cost demanding, but in the long, it is indeed a good investment.

Top 5 Support Brace for Your Knees

We are enough with the attributes to look into when one. At this moment, we will now indulge with the top 5 support brace for your knees. So, grab your note pads and take note of the following:

1. Donjoy Bionic Knee Support

If you want to wrap your knees easily, this adjustable strap type is very recommendable. Since it can be easily put on, you can be ready anytime your game starts. Whatever strikes you do; your knee support can maintain your stability. As an add-on, this is coupled with a pocket that you can use to put any small item.

Overall, this type is made to be great with its features very appropriate for sports gaming. However, it is expensive compared to other brands.

2. Dual Disk Pivoted McDavid 422 Knee Support

This one of the most popular models of McDavid knee support. It is a sleeve type together with end-to-end straps. It can be used both as a great stabilizer for sports games and support for post-recovery.

Despite the given pros given above, this model has disadvantages too. When you wear this model for a long time, you might feel uncomfortable as it gets hotter when used. Since it provides tight harnessed to your knees, you may also felt numbness. In that case, you may opt to buy this one when you just need them for a short period.

3. Mueller HG80 Pivoted and Closed Patella Knee Support

Given the product name, it is indeed made up of a closed patella, which only means that the pressure is towards the patella. What makes this ahead to other options is its good ventilation material. For this reason, it is very comfortable to use even though sunny days.

There is no downfall for this model only for a simple reason. That is the common issue of having the right size. A very simple problem, but you should not make your sight out of it for you to get the right one for your knees.

4. Shock Doctor Knee Supporter

If you are finding an opened knee support available for many sizes, finally, this is the best one that will work for you. For stronger support, this is made up of two equal pivoted sides. It is made up of airy material that prevents any accumulation of moisture and odor. After a long game using it, you can still have clean knees. Aside from that, they can also help knee conditions like meniscus injuries.

Since the given sizes are more common and less customized, it can’t always be suitable for each everyone. This can be worsened if you have ordered the wrong size. But if you have selected the right size, there is no reason not to be satisfied with this sturdy construction.

5. Vive Pivoted and Opened Patella Knee Support

If you want removable hinges, this is the one you are looking for. This flexibility will allow you to adjust and make the appropriate support for your knees. It is also made up of airy and light material, so you won’t bother with getting sweat.

Since this is very strong quality, it stabilizes knee injuries like ACL and the other common types. So when you are looking for a good balance between quality and prize, this is the best for you. It is multifunctional and goes at an acceptable price.

However, you may not get the fit size for your knees since this is available as a standard size. It only means that it fits all sizes, but we know it is not true to every person’s size of knees. So at this point, if you are up to a standard size, this could be your top choice, but if not, it might not work well for you.

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