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You write about mountain biking, soccer, playing an instrument or outdoor activities? You want to reach a broader audience for your website? If all these things sound good to you, you might be the perfect candidate for a contributor position at

First of all relax. You don’t have much responsibility, you only need to send us articles related to hobbies, whenever you feel like it and we are going to publish them and link to your website back.

Now you might as yourself:

Why should I write for your website?

The best way to increase your audience as a blogger or content writer, is to do guest posting. Which means you publish your articles on other websites and you get a link to your website back.

Not only do other people see your website, but Google loves backlinks too. Whenever your site gets ranked on Google Search Engine the algorithm decide based on hundreds of factors how to rank your blog, but the most important one is backlinks!

So whether you want to write once or twice for us, or you are looking to become a regular contributor, we always welcome new content.

Now the next question:

What should I write about?

As long as it involves hobbies, outdoor or indoor activities, or sport, we don’t care. Anyway here is a short list of topics we love to see on our blog:

  • Mountain biking
  • Sports
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Hiking
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Indoor Activity
  • Collecting Stuff
  • Fishing
  • Crafting (DIY)
  • Making Music
  • Beer Crafting
  • Beekeeping
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Pet Sitting
  • Working on cars
  • Art and creative stuff

As long as it is creative and something that you can do in your free time, we are going to accept it. 

You might ask yourself:

What are the submission criteria?

Your guest post needs to a certain quality to be published. Here is a list of requirements you should look out for:

Word count

We don’t accept articles with less than 500 words. So step up your game and create long articles.

The mood

Write in an engaging and interesting way. No one wants to read a boring article. Make it special!


We check every guest post we receive for plagiarism. If you can’t write an original article, don’t even bother to send it to us.

Images and Pictures

Feel free to send us your pictures as PNG or JPG. Don’t forget: we only add 1 image per guest posts, so don’t send us more photos than necessary.

Promo and Stuff

You are welcome to promote your product or website, but please keep it subtle or we won’t publish it.

SEO and Backlinks

You can add up to 1 backlink per 250 words, so the more you write the more backlinks you can get.

The last question:

How do I submit my guest post?

Easy. Send us your article in Google Docs to and after 3 days we will contact you with a positive or negative reply. Read the guidelines carefully to increase the chance of your post to be published.

Take care of yourself!

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