The Best Setup for Video Editing

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The Best Setup for Video Editing

There are many different tasks that make up the process of editing a video. This is why many people only want to work with the best peripherals and set up. Many tend to not focus too much on the price, because, if the product is going to aid successfully and make the video editing process a little easier, it is worth the money.

Having a brilliantly composed video editing workstation with an array of accessories is increasingly important if you want to be able to create successful videos of very high quality. The makeup of a workstation can be hard to work out on your own – there are so many components with foreign-sounding names, how is anyone supposed to understand?

Well, here we will be discussing the best products, programmes and components you should ensure you have, in order to have a beneficial video editing workstation.

The Responsibilities of a Video Editor

It’s hard enough to understand which equipment will be needed to become a successful video editor. However, knowing the exact tasks being an editor obtains, will make knowing what needs to be bought that little bit easier.

The main video editor responsibilities are as follows:

  • Manipulate and edit pieces
  • Making a brief to help your team know the outcomes you need them to produce
  • Review shooting scripts and raw footage with feedback
  • Place music and dialogue over recorded footage, even take time to choose the best voice-over artist for your video
  • Create both rough and final cuts
  • Always learn new techniques and implement new things into your work as much as possible
  • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running of all production.

Seen as there are a big handful of jobs that a video editor will be partaking in, it can be deciphered that the workstation would need to be rather kitted out. The correct equipment will enable an editor to produce the best quality work, and make a career for themselves.

How Graphics Cards Can Affect the Way You Edit

The performance that an editing routine will produce will improve dramatically when the person is using a graphics card that obtains a lot of power. A graphics card benefits the editor as it speeds up their rendering process. It may not seem like a very big deal however this acceleration can save a considerable amount of time that could be put into additional recording or another project. 

A better graphics card will also allow the user to produce videos of a higher quality as the card will obtain a high core count and a lot of memory. However, it is important to remember that graphics cards for video editing are a little different from those of a gaming graphics card. So it wouldn’t be of many benefits to using a gaming one to save money.

The Best Monitors to Consider for Editing

When taking on the task of choosing the best monitor for video editing, it is important to keep in mind that the device you work on will have to be rather powerful, with as best picture quality as possible so you can analyse all of the footage perfectly. This will also allow the footage to look great when it gets played back. 


To be able to have a monitor with brilliant reproduction and brightness, it would be beneficial to find it with the in-plane switching display. The IPS (for short) was devised to work brilliantly at reciprocating perfect colour accuracy from a computer screen. 


When it comes to the display, it would be helpful to try and buy around the 4K mark. This surprisingly isn’t the highest power that can be purchased as there is an 8K screen. However, it has been found that this amount of resolution has ruined the way in which editing looks once the footage has been completed, and masks the professional look. Not to mention that it carries quite a hefty price tag, despite it not working perfectly. 

Editing Software

Simply put, a highly rated editing software is going to make the job a lot easier. The software is created to aid the editor to give them all the tools they need at the click of a button. Obtaining just one software to put all of the work produced through will allow the editor to constantly practise their skills and learn the programme perfectly, resulting in high quality, successful videos that deserve to be in an art gallery

One of the best (paid for) software for Windows users is Adobe Premiere Pro CC. 

This software is known to work at a very high standard when it comes to editing videos. It is used by multitudes of creative professionals within the industry, which is the best evidence to show how brilliant it is. The programme has excellent automatic functions and dedicated companion apps. No need to study video editing at school as these features can build up your editing software all under the same brand name to constantly improve your skillset.

Similarly, it can handle an uncapped amount of video which is perfect for the amount of editing that will be done using this software. Its flexibility allows the user to also be able to import work from any source. 

The software perfect for Apple Mac users is Final Cut Pro X (£299.99)

This software, like the Adobe one, is of an extremely high standard. It is known for its versatility and powerful editing programming while keeping to the Apple trait and being respectively easy to use. The software is full of the tools you need – which nicely makes up for the larger price tag.  

The software also obtains grouping tools and professional-looking effect options that will allow you to control what your video looks like even more. 

CPU Processor 

A central processor is the most important component of computing devices. This is because of its job description. It is put in place to allocate out the more complicated tasks to the correct components and handles all the instructions needed to make them work. If anything, it is the core component of a workstation device.

Being an editor, due to the importance and outcome of the CPU, it will be very beneficial to have one of a strong size. The CPU will take on the vast majority of the work that has to be done and will be the best component to saving time when rendering. The strength of the CPU can determine the time frame of the work and how fast it will be finished.

High Amount of RAM

RAM is the acronym of the computer component properly named ‘random access memory’. This is the part that determines the size of the files that can be edited. It will be of a major benefit, as an editor, to own a RAM of a very large size so you have free reign of how large your videos can be. The more space on the RAM will allow an editor to fit a lot of work into one file, and won’t have any delay through having to clear the hard drive and refresh the computer.

A RAM of around 16GB will be the best for an editor as it will allow them to edit videos to be 1080p-the highest quality of the video. This will hopefully make the videos edited a lot more successful when published. 


Although there is far more than you can add to an editing workstation such as the chair, mouse, desk, the items above are the ones that will have the most benefit. Ensuring there is a collection of very strong components, the videos produced will be of the highest standard. It is important that your video strongly reflects your brand and through using the correct editing set up, your video marketing strategy will be successful.

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