Triathlon Wetsuit Review


Triathlon Wetsuit Review

Wetsuits are usually used in triathlons, yet not allowed at all times. Most of the time, wetsuits are allowed in triathlon provided that the temperature of the water is below a specific level.

Water temperature is crucial, fastest, and hard rule when it comes to the temperature that makes a wetsuit legal begun in the triathlon Association in the US. It stated that all swimmers who are wearing tri wetsuits in 75 degrees or above water temperature are not qualified to participate in the awards for an official race.

If you aim to compete in a triathlon, you must be knowledgeable about the proper wetsuit to use that will give you warm as well as competitive. Nevertheless, you might be tempted to purchase general wetsuit which you can use for swimming, surfing, and for triathlon for you to save your money. Although there is actually no rule about not allowing you to use a general wet suit, if you want to perform in this field, you should be using a dedicated wetsuit for specific events. Below are some reasons why;

Thinner Materials

Generally, triathlon wetsuit is designed using thinner materials, unlike a wetsuit that is used for surfing. Because this is made to work for quick and fluidly swimming, this is of a high priority compared to keeping warm. Yet, if a triathlon will going to have swimming in some cold waters, well, you absolutely need to have a wetsuit, which is heavier to maintain the warm. On the other hand, if the water is a bit warm, you need to have a wetsuit, which is specifically made for triathlons.

Wetsuits for surfing are made to withstand the harsh rocks as well as the unexpected situations or conditions, both of which can be an issue during big scale triathlon, the added thickness and durability of the material might slow down on some actual race. It will possibly overheat your body once the water is warmer for the wetsuit you are using. We know the fact the surfers don’t move as much as a triathlon swimmer; therefore, they require think materials in order for them to keep warm, on the other hand, a triathlon swimmer will maintain a warm body by just swimming enough.

Slick Surface

The number of wetsuits for a triathlon is made for only one thing and its speed. This implies that they actually repel some water and maintain an extra smooth wetsuit, which permits a little resistance as you move into the water. If the slick brake is not available, it can possibly break the performance in your triathlon swim portion, and as every second is vital, it’s vital also to allow yourself for all the advantages that you can have.

Inner Lining

There’s no inner lining compared to the foregoing two points. This is one of the advantages during your triathlon swim; however, if you are surfing, this might not possibly work. The absence of the inner lining makes the wetsuit for triathlon less resilient for some elements such as rough conditions and rocks conditions while you are on the surface. The lack of inner lining will keep the wetsuit slick and thin, yet if you are opting for harsher conditions, this particular triathlon wetsuit might tear and give you less protection.

Can be Taken Off Easily

All triathlon wetsuit is made to be quickly removed because you must transition on the swim portion up to the following portion as swiftly as possible. Triathlon wetsuit contains a zipper either on its back or front. This can be take off easily and grab off easily. Sometimes, triathlon wetsuit has removable legs and arms, which makes it more convenient to remove easily. Thus, you can easily get back in a particular race as fast as possible.

Triathlon Wetsuit – Is it Worth Buying?

Triathlon wetsuit price range varies significantly. Price starts from 50 US dollars to 700 US dollars or more, which is labeled as the perfect suit for triathlon events. The saying goes well with this triathlon wetsuit, “you always get what you paid for.” However, this doesn’t mean that everybody will be holding out for top triathlon wetsuit.

The model or type of the triathlon wetsuit that you will buy should reflect on the goal of triathlon that you have, the swim technique level of your triathlon as well as the conditioning, and as to how often you would like to use the triathlon wetsuit.

Getting a good deal at a specific period of time can indeed aid in upgrading the level on top of what you have paid for. Yet, generally, we know the fact that what we take into consideration most of the time is the good points of the specific triathlon wetsuit that we opt to buy.

Spending more will give you more sophistication on the different areas such as:

  • Better shoulder flexibility which will aid in a good swim stroke
  • Number of various paneling which is designed for giving right coverage in all places
  • Buoyancy qualities are much better especially for giving your body the required position

For triathlon wetsuits, varied models seem similar than different.

Here are some of our recommendations for a triathlon wetsuit:

Blueseventy Sprint- Triathlon wetsuit

This is a triathlon wetsuit that is being offered at a reasonable price. It has refined neoprene thickness and made specifically to ensure a good triathlon suit for $250.

ROKA Maverick II Comp

This is also an excellent alternative for triathlon wetsuit. This is quite different compared to the old models that we used to use a long time ago.

Mid-Level or Intermediate Triathlon Wetsuit

The main advantage of this triathlon wetsuit model is that it will help you achieve a more enhanced motion range. Several triathletes choose this because it gives them the chance to consistently finish at the same time have fun on the water as well as enhanced their time and level on the water.

Xterra Vortex

If you opt to have an all-purpose suit, this particular triathlon wetsuit is the best for you. This offers superb flexibility all over your shoulders, arms, and chest. Many racers popularly use this triathlon wetsuit.

Final Thoughts

If you opt for serious triathlon competition, then you need a good triathlon wetsuit. Its advantages could never be understated, though a general wetsuit can also give you a number of benefits. Yet, it could not possibly give you the advantage of a triathlon wetsuit that you need. Get your triathlon wetsuit, compete, and start to experience a level-up performance.

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