What do you need to think about when choosing your goggles?


What do you need to think about when choosing your goggles?

What kind of lens is suitable for your conditions

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is an important factor to consider when buying your goggles. Different VLTs are suitable for different conditions and it’s important that you have one suitable for you, both for enjoyment and safety.

Higher percentages of VLT will allow more light through the lens and is suitable for cloudy conditions or night time. These lenses come in blue, rose and yellow, typically with a VLT ranging from 60% to 90%.

Lower percentages of VLT will allow less light through the lens and is more suitable for blue bird days and sunny weather. These lenses come in darker colors such as black, gray and gold. They often have a mirror effect and have a VLT ranging from 5% to 20%.

That being said, our Ski Goggles PRO Plus comes with the interchangeable lens system. The lens is attached by strong magnets to the frame, which allows you to easily replace your lens by buying an extra one from us. Being ready for different weather conditions couldn’t be easier!

Avoid the tunnel-vision view

You’ll want a lens which is not too small in order to avoid seeing the edges of the lens. If you feel like you are in looking out from a tunnel, your goggles might be too small. The best view will come from a lens that lets you see things in your peripherals.

Ski Goggles with big spherical lenses will generally give you a wide, truly unobstructed, field of view.


It is also important that your goggles are comfortable. After all you are going to be out in the slopes for a long time, so you’ll want a pair of goggles that stay comfortable.

The Ski Goggles PRO features foam inside for a comfortable feel against your skin as well as adjustable strap long enough to be compatible with your ski helmet. You can also wear your glasses under the goggles thanks to our OTG (over glasses) design.


It is important that you goggles have some kind of fog prevention. There is nothing worse than having your goggles constantly fogging up when out in the slopes. UV protection is something to always keep in mind when shopping for goggles.

Our lens are made out of two separate lenses, which creates a thermal barrier that reduces fogging. The lens also have anti-fog coating, and of course comes with 100% UV400 protection.


There is a wide range of different goggles out there and the price range is just as wide. You can get a passable pair of goggles starting at around $20 and towards the top of the spectrum your wallet is really going to lose some weight with goggles in the $200-$300 range.

We are all looking to get the greatest possible value for our money. We want to give you that great value, in fact, it’s our goal to give you the opportunity to enjoy good skiing in great goggles at a reasonable price.

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