Best Snorkel Gear For You


Best Snorkel Gear For You

Are you among those folks who get crazy over snorkeling? Here are the things that you need to understand about the best snorkel gear.

Oftentimes, we think that snorkeling is a material-light type of activity, and sometimes just borrow or rent gear when you go on snorkeling. Yet, there are still countless benefits of having the best snorkel gear that you call your own. Here is a quick guide about snorkeling for you which covers the snorkeling basics and some reviews. Let’s get started!

Best Snorkel Gear Equipment

Snorkeling doesn’t need several gears, unlike if you go on scuba diving. Yet, the low gearing amount doesn’t make picking the said gear less useful and important. The snorkeling basic are fins, masks, and, most importantly, a snorkel.

What to Consider When Selecting Best Snorkel Gear

The masks permit you to have a clear vision of underwater, and because the purpose of snorkeling is to experience the world underwater, this is then very critical.

Mask Construction of the Best Snorkel Gear

Make sure that you select a mask, which is “real diving or a real snorkeling mask.” This means that mask is made depending on its purpose. Therefore it is very crucial to select a mask that is designed only for snorkeling or diving instead of an inexpensive mask that you could find in the supermarket. A well-designed mask for diving has shatterproof glass which is made in order to withstand pressure if you opt for breath-hold snorkeling or diving.

Necessary Design for the Best Snorkel Gear

In selecting a mask, choose one which has a pretty small volume, which means that the trapped air-spaced inside should never be larger than needed. This would help the diver to clear easily the water that comes in, as well as making it easier to regularize if you are about to plunge below ground.

Pick a mask which has a good sight-line. Some snorkelers like a mask, which is mono-glass, which means that the mask is made of a single piece mend class, instead of two pieces so that both eyes would have, yet this depends on your own personal taste.

Checking if Mask Fit

Mask fitting is crucial, yet it can be performed in some easy steps:

  • Place our mask on without using the strap all over your head
  • Inhale a little throughout your nose
  • Let go of your mask

If ever the mask sticks into your face, it is simply due to the vacuum that is created by you when you are inhaling. It shows that the mask has a fair good fit. Put the strap on and slowly exhale from your nose. You must force the air, which is exhaled under the skirt of the mask, even with little effort. If not, the task of emptying your mask when there is water will be hard. Try to put on the mask for a few minutes and be mindful anywhere as the mask gives you a little comfort on the pressure on the face. Usual parts are the nose tip, which is the underside, in between your forehead and eyes. If all these don’t give you any comfort, you have to find a way to get a nice mask.

Below are some of the recommended masks for snorkeling;

ScubaPro Spectra 2 Window Scuba or Snorkel Mask Review


  • This particular mask has a compact 2-window feature
  • Has lenses which are tempered glass
  • Has swivel buckle which promotes easy adjustment
  • Has a doubled sealed for silicone skirt
  • Classed among the most comfortable mask in the market


  • A bit costly yet it’s worth the quality
  • Oftentimes, depending on the face or shape the frame may push against your nose bridge
  • Special finish of the mask can be damaged easily

Cressi 1, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Frameless Mask Review

Almost all snorkelers like to have a frameless mask. Thus, this mask will not disappoint you. This mask comes in different colors but the most popularly-used mask in a clear mask.


  • Made of silicone that is expected to last longer over snorkeling seasons
  • The lens is wide-angled and made of tempered glass
  • Buckles can be easily adjusted
  • Anti-fog technology
  • Affordable and best mask available out there


  • Fogging up is quite easy
  • Be mindful of the damages or issues when your item arrives
  • Make sure that the mask perfectly fits your face before you buy it

Full Face Snorkeling Mask

For surface water activities or snorkeling, a full face mask for snorkeling is the best option for you. It will give the needed comfort and breathing on your nose and your mouth naturally. Here are some recommendations for a Full-Face Mask for Snorkeling;

HEAD Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask

  • Has the anti-fogging technology which permits you to properly breath on both of your mouth and nose, and not impairing your vision
  • The mask has dry to feature which prevents the water from coming in into your mask once a big wave hits you
  • Silicone made skirt which provides comfortable seal all over your face


  • This mask can lessen jaw fatigue
  • The water that enters the mask can be prevented because of the dry snorkel
  • Made of shatterproof polycarbonate
  • It can give you a crystal-clear underwater view compared to other masks


  • The price is a bit high. Yet again, it’s worth the quality

Seac Sub Unica Full Face Best Snorkel Gear

This is one of the best snorkel gears in the market, which provides excellent viewing. It permits you to breathe both on your mouth and nose. It has a large V-shaped seal that is capable of creating a good watertight seal all over your face. It has a removable snorkel, therefore, can be easily stored.


  • The best snorkel gear which contains purge valve on its base, so it means that the water that comes in can be easily flushed out
  • Contains a large bore snorkel which permits plenty of air to get into the mask
  • Has an anti-fog feature


  • Since the mask is a bit large, the hair might possibly get stuck
  • Not designed for underwater diving
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