Printable NBA Courts All The Rage For Playoffs


Printable NBA Courts All The Rage For Playoffs

1, 2, 3. Download. Print. Play. It’s that easy. Overtime buzzer beaters, rim-rocking facial dunks, step-back 3-pointers, heat-check impossible shots and non-stop action make up immensely-popular-virtual-reality-basketball-board-game.

Created in a 7th grade study hall by a bored honor student, this God-given idea with it’s very-first-hand-drawn-basketball-game exploded in popularity during a Junior High schools’ study halls, the school, then the entire school district.

With No Consoles, No Wifi, No Batteries and No puppet AI sym characters, Mini Ball Courts enables basketball fans of all ages to literally & virtually experience playing basketball on mini-sized NBA and college courts they have only seen on TV… Yes. It’s an all-color virtual reality game designed to see, play, learn and have hours of fun playing actual VR mini-basketball. No dice or statistical math puzzle game, Designed for 1 to 4 palMini Ball Courts is a back-to-the-future, a new virtual reality game (in ebook format) available on Amazon.

Mini Ball Courts: Pro Basketball Arena Courts Coming To A Printer Near You

With five different escalating skill levels of play, from an included official Mini Ball Practice Court to advanced regular season, playoffs and finals games, Mini Ball Courts provides unprecedented access to literally play virtual reality basketball on mini home courts of your favorite pro teams as it is compatible with (NBA, WNBA, G-League, College teams and even International Leagues court images). Don’t take our word for it, you have to try it yourself. Also see

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