Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Regardless of your age, you can still enjoy a stand up paddle board because nobody can deny the fact that it’s a fun and addictive activity for all. Almost all of your muscles are targeted in paddle boarding. It acts as a nice workout while you are having a complete blast of spending time in the water.

Inflatable Stand up paddle board has been increasing its popularity, especially for those outdoor enthusiasts all over the globe. There are countless reasons why people love the inflatable stand up paddle board. Many Instagram feeds beautiful pictures that were posted by some paddle boarders across the globe.

This increases the interest of folks to get inflatable stand up paddle board for themselves. Living in urban areas can be a bit challenging to own a hard board. This activity gives people the chance to explore laughable beautiful places.

Here are the top benefits why you should own an inflatable stand up, paddle board:

Easy storage

If you are living in a little apartment, getting an inflatable stand up paddle board is a great option. Hard boards require ample space for storing it or a space for rent for keeping it, which will only add cost for your ownership. However, if you will switch to an inflatable stand up paddle board, it can be rolled up using its own bag. The bag is the same size as a huge duffle bag, as well as doubles like a backpack. The good thing about this is that it is weightless compared to a 25lbs hard board, which is stored in a backpack. You can store it in your closet. Storing it can never be a problem, and it is suited if you have a small space.


If you are having plans of traveling, you can absolutely bring an inflatable stand up paddle board since it is easy to carry. Thus, you can still enjoy your board even you are planning to paddle different beaches away from your place. Keep it in the backpack, and just toss it at the back of your car. An issue with the car? Do you have no car? You can get rideshare, or you can just flag a car. This thing can be easily transported on taxis, rideshares, and airports that will head you to local beaches. There can be times that board paddlers use a bike for traveling, and they just place the board on the bike trailer.


This is the min concern of some inflatable stand up board owners, yet surprisingly this quality board is rigid. If somebody questioned you about the board’s rigidity, proudly ask them to take a step on your board and let them feel how rigid it is. Yet as expected, this is not as rigid as hard boards, but with its benefits, it will surely outweigh the rigidity factor. This may not be maneuverable as compared to a hard board, yet they are perfect for traveling as well as exploring new and beautiful places.


It’s natural that you would question its durability on the first look. Questions like, “Would this board easily puncture and leave you stranded or sinking in the shallow part of the lake?”. You may also ask yourself the number of roll-ups it would make before it starts to crack. But with this inflatable stand up paddle board rest assured that you could enjoy its purpose even for three or more years. The inflatable has a very soft deck, which is good for knee paddling or stand up paddle board yoga while being durable and strong!


This is not just affordable, but owning an inflatable stand up paddle board can save your money for rental charges. Take to check on the price of an expensive inflatable stand up paddle board and be surprised by its affordability compared to hard board. Since it is portable as well easy to carry, you can surely enjoy your vacation while enjoying paddling the beaches.

Reviews on Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2

This is perfect both for beginners and paddle experts. This ensures a stable and smoother ride on the waves. It contains a huge pin that is capable of increasing its speed and also a holding strap and roll-up carrying strap for convenient transportation. This board is ten feet and four inches in length, and it weighs twenty-six pounds, and capable of inflating until six inches, bragging likewise rigidity of plywood. The boards are able to float high on the water. Thus you can practice yoga, fish, or even enjoy sunbathing without being soaked.

Bestway Hydro-Force White cap Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board and Kayak

Several paddleboards are not offered at a cheap price, but with this particular brand, you can undoubtedly be enjoying activities on the water without emptying your pocket. This is a great value since it has a total of three pins on the side, a pad that is non-slip that promotes stability, as well as a removable seat that can possibly turn to kayak.

Atoll Paddle Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

This is best for your next water adventure, a strong and tough board that is able to support up a maximum of 300 pounds. It also includes necessities for outdoor paddling such as travel bag, paddle leash, dual-action hand pump, and a tie-down front bungee. It has a detachable fin, which is best for all Universal Fin Boxes that promote better movement.

Roc Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board

If you are in search of a moderately-priced alternative, you have to consider this brand, which comes in green, blue, or black that is designed for military-grade because of its durability, yet easy to carry for those beginners.

Final Thoughts

Inflatable stand up paddle board is perfect when we speak of portability. Moving a board that weighs a lot is really hard. Some paddle boards weigh 40 pounds, while some are half of it. A wise buyer must be sure to get the measurement of the capability of the inflatable stand up paddle board you are considering to purchase. Stability, durability, affordability, and rigidity are just some factors that a wise buyer must consider in getting an inflatable stand up paddle board.

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