Best Blow Up Paddle Board


Best Blow Up Paddle Board

If you opt an all-around spare time paddling, there’s nothing any good than blow up paddle board after all because of its weight, portability, durability, injury prevention, and its versatility. If you are planning to purchase a hard board that is good for racing or surfing, specific technical hardboard attributes make a board worthy of consideration.

Some of you might have a second thought about buying a blow-up paddle board instead of a hard board. For fun times water activities, the best alternative for a hard board is a blow up paddle board. For long years, this has evolved and became normal, as well as the beginning point when it comes to paddle board shopping.

Paddle Board Vs. Hard Board

Below is a quick guide that a wise shopper should consider in choosing between a hard board and blow up paddle board.


Many people believed that blow up paddle board is much better than a hard board when it comes to durability. The reason behind its durability is the used materials, which is a military-grade which does not need an expensive repair. That’s the main reason why blow up paddle board outweigh hard boards on the rivers, and the truth is rocks are the great factor why rental agencies and SUP schools choose to blow up paddle board to minimize damage on the board by some careless handling of renters and students.

This blow up paddle board doesn’t hurt much compared to hard boards when you fell on it.

We can’t deny the fact that any fall on board can really hurt or harm you. However, with this blow up paddle board, it’s a bit easier for your body compared to hard boards.

Comes with a soft deck which lessens fatigue

If you like to experience a good ride, you have to pick blow up paddle board, and it will make you feel like you are standing on costly rubber mats, which is utilized in commercial set-up to lessen fatigue. If you try this board, rest assured that your feet will be more relaxed and comfortable because of less contact pressure, and all other advantages go up into your body up to your neck, knees, and back.

Blow up paddle board is lighter

Naturally, this board weighs less than the total size of a hard board, which promotes easy ride on the water.

Hard boards need a lot of space for storing

The good thing about this board is that you can store it on your shelf or closet, unlike hard boards that require ample space. This can occupy a small storage area and your house, and this brings so much convenience for the owner. If you deflate this, you can freely place it on the shelf.

Blow up paddle board stand out on various setting

This is proven to provide distinct performance over the hard boards. This blow up paddle board is suited anywhere; on small waves, flat water, and even on white water subject to its model. If you ought to know the difference between a blow up paddle board and hard board with a similar footprint, the former contains more than 20% volume, which makes it more stable as well as supporting the rider more as well as passenger weight.

It shows a more advanced performance. This is popularly used for competitions or by casual paddle board racing. The advantages of a hard board are not a big thing for a paddler to aspire because blow up paddle boards show distinct and unique benefits.

How to Select a Paddle Board?

The body or the hull of a paddle board has an important role in finding out the performance of boards on the water. Most of the SUPs come with displacement or planning hulls. This type is a handful and offered with the hybrid design, combined with the ultimate attributes of the overall design.

Hull shape is suited for paddlers who are just starting their paddling class training, yet it shows unique attributes, which makes it a best alternative for several water activities compared to other boards out there. Due to this fac, it is best to consider hull type depending on how to want to use the board.

Planning Hull

This is wide and flat board the same with a surfboard. It is made specifically for riding on water and be movable. Paddle boards which contain planning hulls are the best choice when it comes to leisure paddling, SUP yoga, surfing, and whitewater.

Displacement Hull

Boards that contain displacement hulls also have a pointed bow or nose (front end) likewise with what you can see on canoe or kayak. Hull cut through the water, then push the water all over the nose up to the sides of the SUP for the reason of improving efficiency, enjoying a smooth and fast ride. This needs less effort for paddling as compared to the planning hull. It will surely allow you to ride longer distances while enjoying a faster speed of the ride. It tracks straight as well as nice yet, overall, less maneuverable as compared to planning hulls.

Reviews on Blow Up Paddle Board

Blow Up Paddle Board iRocker

The construction of this board is military-grade, triple-layer, which contains drop-stitch. The maximum weight that it can carry is 400 pounds.

Tower paddle boards “adventurer 2” 10’ iSUP

It is designed military-grade with PVC construction as well as drop stitch, which promotes rigidity. The best thing about this board is that it doesn’t easily scratch, crack or dent.

NIXY Blow Up Paddle Board

It comes with a carry bag, which means that it’s a portable board. If you opt to travel and enjoy the local beaches using your blow up paddle board, that’s not impossible because you can roll it in its carry bag, store it at the back of the trunk of your car, or on the bike trail. Because of this, you can save money for paddle renting.

SUPflex Blow Up Paddle Board

It competes with Tower Paddleboards, and several paddlers would agree that’s it’s a bit equal. It has a double layer, which offers extra strength.

Isle Airtech 10 Paddle Board

9This is a solid contender when it comes to features and qualities. It is also military-grade design, a drop stitch which guarantees to last longer.

Final Thoughts

It requires a good paddle board for you to enjoy every wave that you get into. It’s always a good thing to compare different brands of paddle boards to pick the best alternative suited for your needs. Be sure to select a board that is durable, flexible, and most especially affordable. But among others, the good performance of the paddle board is the number one thing to consider.

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