Letscom Fitness Tracker Review

Letscom fitness tracker review
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Letscom Fitness Tracker Review

Do you want to start a daily exercise routine or you just want to keep track of your fitness and you’ve been sorting out a good fitness monitor for yourself and your exercise? Then Letscom fitness tracker will be a perfect fit for you.

About Letscom fitness tracker

Itis a fitness gadget that you can simply wear on your wrist and track your exercise level, sleep pattern, heart rate, total steps taken daily and also provide alerts as well as alarm. The trackercan also be used as a smartwatch which can be connected to a smartphone of any Android OS or iOS.

What do you get in the pack?

When you buy the product, in the pack, the things that you will get include

  • The tracker
  • A quick start guide
  • A more detailed 18-page manual that provides everything you need to optimally use the device.


The features associated with your newly purchased device should include

  • GPS connection which is what will be used for tracking your exercise route and locations
  • An OLED screen
  • USB charging port and its corresponding charger
  • Bluetooth version 4.0 connectivity
  • The battery power of up to 5 to 10 days
  • Fast charge technology of 1-2 hours to full charge etc.

How to install and set up Letscom fitness tracker

  • When you purchase your fitness tracker, you will need to install and set it up before you can start enjoying the built-in features. To set it up, you need to:
  • Charge it for at least 2 hours via the USB port that comes with it
  • Once the charging is complete, you can go on to attach the band to it.
  • After you have attached the band to your device, then you go on to download the mobile app to your Android or iOS device by scanning the QR codes available on the manual.
  • Once that is done, you can start using itas you want. You can use any of the 7 modes that come with the tracker.

The different modes

The tracker has 7 different modes that all have their own different screen. Note here that this tracker comes with a button and is not operated from the screen.

The main screen has the time and can be configured to display the date, battery status, Bluetooth connectivity status, etc.

Step mode displays the number of steps you have taken on a given day, the number of miles you have trekked, your active minutes and the number of calories you have consumed.

The heart rate mode of the fitness tracker measures and display your present heartbeat by the minute or the BPM

The Alarm mode displays alarms and also allow you to set, change or deactivate alarms. Other modes are available from the watch and can be accessed with the single button that comes with the watch/fitness tracker.

If you want more options and features from the app, however, you can do more from the mobile app which you should have already installed on the app. Feel free to try new things and refer to the quick guide and the manual for directions and insights on the use and functions of the letscom fitness tracker.

It is, however, worthy of note that the features or functions of your trackermight differ slightly or more from the one in this review. This review has kept a focus on ID 130.

There are other models with different functions and features and different price as well. Some other models are:

  • ID 205L
  • ID 205
  • ID 115 Plus HR
  • ID 152
  • ID 115 U HR
  • ID 132 colour HR
  • ID 131 colour HR
  • ID 130 and
  • ID 115 PRO

Each of these devices has their own uniqueness and because they are from the same maker and are mostly upgrades of each other, they also have their similarities.

Letscom is known for making beautifully designed and affordable range of smart mobile accessories like earbuds, headphones, smart wearables and many more. Every one of their products comes with a 1-year guarantee, and you can also qualify for an additional year of guarantee. Which means your devicewill come with a one year guarantee.

Is the tracker accurate?

You should keep in mind, however, that fitness monitors– be it from letscom or other brands, are not certified as medical devices. They are only to be used as estimations for your health and not an absolute representation. So, for a medical check-up, make sure you use a doctor.

Where and How can I get one?

If you feel you like the features and functions of the deviceand will like to get one for yourself, you can get it on Amazon or other online stores. You can as well purchase from your nearest vendors that have it in stock. The Letscom ID 130 goes for about $29 while other models have their own price. Generally, however, the devices are always cheap and mostly below $50.

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