How Do I Prevent My Paintball Mask from Fogging Up in Cold Weather?


How Do I Prevent My Paintball Mask from Fogging Up in Cold Weather?

Nobody likes losing. Nobody.

A fogged mask increases the chances of losing the game. Here I’m explaining my own experience of How Do I Prevent My Paintball Mask from Fogging Up in Cold Weather? Let us start!

Why Do Paintball Masks Fog during the summer and winter season?

During winter:

This is a rather fascinating phenomenon. In a cold climate, as you breathe, you find cloudy smoke is emerging. The explanation for this is that your smoke is absorbed and transformed into the fog. This is because of the temperature change. Here you go Check Paintball Swabs.

When the colder CO2 gas evolves from the body, it transforms into cloudy smoke due to the lower temperature on the outside.  The same thing happens when you put on a mask. When you put on a mask and exhale, hot co2 gas settles on the mask lens and transforms into fog due to the lower temperature. 

During summer:

In the summer season, the case is the opposite. Your body tends to be normal. So, to keep yourself normal during summer, your body sweats a lot. So, during the paintball play, you have to run more quickly so more sweats will dissipate. As these vapors enter the lens of the mask, they make a cloudy smoke. So strong aeration keeps the lens from being shielded from the fog. It allows the vapors to go outdoor without remaining inside the mask lens.

How Do I Prevent My Paintball Mask from Fogging Up in Cold Weather?

Anti-fog mist

When humidity is present in the air, a coating of dampness forms on the lenses of the masks. The first method to save your mask’s spectacles from the layer of dampness to be formed is to keep an anti-fog spray with yourself. Just spray this anti-fog mist on the lenses.

Clean and dry mask, when you’re sure that the spectacles are washed and dried put on a mask, and ready to play. This is the cheapest method you can use. But it’s not useful on hot days.

Utilize the mask fans

The masked fan is 2nd possibility that I used to Prevent My Paintball Mask from Fogging Up in Cold Weather. There are elected updated mask varieties that have already built-in fans. Fans help to discharge air, dissipate the dampness, blocking the coating of dampness on the spectacles.

It is a useful approach as opposed to anti-fog mist. But it’s pricey too, and an additional battery is required. Besides, it also creates undesired noise and is vulnerable to injury.

Advantage: It’s also helpful throughout the summer.

Buy a mask with having the fog-repellent coating

Companies applied the coating of a flat layer on the lenses of the mask. This is a fog repellent layer that prevents the masks from befogged. So, always shop such masks that possess the fog-repellent layer. This layer works effectively but it isn’t much reliable because it is damaged when you wipe the spectacle.

Use thermal or double lense:

The thermal or double lens is an excellent way to keep my paintball mask from fogging up in cold weather. These spectacles have double layers that act differently. The outside lens is wider and thicker just like the one-pane lens, while the inside lens is smaller and lighter.

There is a film of air between these lenses that serves as a boundary between the air entering from the face and the air coming from the exterior. So, it holds equal heat as the spectacles. So, players with thermal and double lenses keep their make-up protected from being up from fogging.

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