Best Collapsible Fishing Rod

Best Collapsible Fishing Rod

Best Collapsible Fishing Rod

Do you love fishing? Looking forward to an unforgettable and amazing experience? But don’t know about the correct equipment to have? Well, then no worries. You will find all the information about the fishing equipment right here. A collapsible fishing rod might be perfect for you.

Fishing on a real basis depends on the right apparatus. If you have the right apparatus you are all set for it. Here is a list of few things that will make your experience worth it.

Collapsible Fishing Rods

When you think of fishing, the first image that forms in your head is a long rod-like thing. Which one throws inside the lake or river to catch a fish. Right? Yes, so the most important thing to make your experience the best is rods.

A rod used to fish is a long, flexible rod-like structure used by fishermen to catch and lure the fishes. The bait hangs at the end of the line. It’s attached with the hook which helps to lure the fishes out. If you have the right collapsible fishing rod, then you’re good to go.

These rods are of various types. It can be a bamboo stick or a well-made metal rod. Though the better the quality the better the experience.

The best rod, according to my opinion, is the collapsible fishing rod. This is because this rod is very accessible. As it is collapsible it is easier to carry everywhere. It can adjust to small and compact bags. Also, the rod is very easy to use. One of the best equipment to have. Because it is a collapsible fishing rod you can adjust the length according to your desire. And this feature is very helpful for the first-time experience.

Reels and Wires

Another very important thing that you need is the reel and the wire for the rod

A reel is what helps you to pull the wire up along with the fish. So the stronger and sturdier the reel the better you can fish.

There are various amounts of reels in the market. The best way to get the right reel is by either consulting the shopkeeper or a fisherman. No one knows the gears better than a man who uses it on a daily basis.

As for the fishing wire it’s quite simple, the stronger the wire the more the chances of catching a fish. The wire is one of the most significant things. This is because if you have a low-quality fishing wire, it might break. If you catch a big fish and your wire is not strong enough it will break. So you need to be very careful about your wire choices.

Hooks and Weighs

Hooks are very essential to attach at the end of the wire. Hook sizes between six to ten are perfect for an amazing experience. Hooks come in various shapes and designs to catch different types of fishes. They also vary according to the type of bait. There exist different hooks for artificial baits. And different for dead or alive baits

You might also need clip shots. They are very small sized and help to clip the line. Another thing required is a plastic bobber. They clip to the line with ease, providing a signal when a fish bites.

Fishing Bait

Fishing bait is food to catch fishes. We place bait at the end of the hook or net for a fish to trap it. There are some baits that are amazing for catching fishes:

  • Worms: red worms and earth crawlers are preferable. They are not very expensive and meet good chances of catching a fish
  • Leeches: Large sized. They are a little bit expensive but are very good food for fishes.
  • Minnows: of every kind. They are expensive and excellent bait to catch fishes. The rate of catching a fish through minnow is very high.
  • Insects: small and slimy. Fishes prefer insects of every kind. You hook an insect and you are definite to catch a fish. They are easy to find and cheaper to buy as well.

Fishing with live insects and worms increases the chances of success. They are difficult to hook but very helpful to attract a fish with ease. Also, baits vary for catching different fishes. Some fishes like insects and some love worms. If fishing bait is not affordable for you, you can always use plastic artificial worms.

Extra Equipment

There are more extra things that you might find necessary for a fishing trip.

Applying sunblock or sunscreen is an option to protect your skin from the scorching sun. Also, sunglasses and a hat to avoid direct glare of the sun. This is essential so that you can enjoy and not protect your skin and eyes from damaging as well.

Always keep a water bottle with you while you are off on a lake. You never know how long will it take to catch a fish and this job requires to stay dehydrated.

It would be nice if you carry all the above equipment in a bag. There are bags specified for the trip. They are waterproof and have compartments for every required component.

The most essential thing that you won’t mind forgetting is a fishing license. It is not forbidden to fish without it but it is best to have it.

At the end of the day, if you catch a fish you might know how to cut it. First, of all you need pliers. Pliers are helpful in pulling a hook from its mouth after catching it. The next step is to cut slightly open a fish’s body from its center. Cutting from its center helps remove the skeleton inside of it. Once you remove the skeleton all that remains is a juicy fish flash. Clean the blood by washing it in a thorough manner. And there you are ready to cook a fresh sea-food with herbs and spices. Enjoy your meal!

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