Cheap Paddle Boards Review

Cheap Paddle Boards Review

Cheap Paddle Boards Review

Looking for the perfect sport to spend your time on the beach or on any water for that matter? Try paddleboarding, and you might just fall in love with it. It is a great sport for anyone who loves to just explore the waters and go beyond the shore. If you don’t know how to swim but want to get farther from the shore, then paddleboarding can be your new best friend.

Now if you do decide to paddle board out in the sea in the summer or anytime round the year, you will need the most basic of equipment. These equipment include paddleboards, either cheap paddle boards or the expensive ones, paddles and a cooler for food and water if you plan to go real far. So let’s discuss the things that you need to keep in mind while buying an SUP i.e. stand up paddle board.

SUP Hull Types:

The hull of the SUP can also be called the body of it. The most essential thing to determine the product is, of course, determining the body. This attribute will define how well will your SUP perform in the specific activities. There are mainly two types of bodies namely, planning hull and displacement hull.

Planing Hull:

Planing hull has a flatter and wider body that is great for the activities that require the most balance and area. It is rounded at the front and is great for leisure paddling. Its wide design helps to maneuver on the surface of the water more easily. It is also a great choice for surfing, SUP yoga, and whitewater.

Displacement Hull:

Displacement Hull has a narrow body in comparison with the other one and has a pointed front. This pointed shape helps this board to go faster and perform better on the long tours. It helps you have a smooth ride and better balance while paddling fast. The best activities for Displacement Hull are fitness paddling, SUP touring/camping, and racing.

You can also find some boards that have the best of both styles combined into one. These are the hybrids of planning and displacement hulls and you can get them if you are just not certain about which one.

Solid One or The Inflatable One?

When it comes to construction styles, there are two major choices. One of them is a solid paddle board while the one is inflatable. Both have their own pros and cons and none can’t be just brushed off the arguments.

Solid SUPs:

The solid boards are usually made up of fiberglass and epoxy. They are then covered with an EPS foam core. These boards are fairly lightweight and long-lasting along with being affordable. The other option in solid boards is the one where they are made up of Carbon fiber. These are lighter and stiffer but will definitely cost you more.

The last option that is the cheaper of them all is plastic, but as you can guess it will lack in performance. Also, the plastic ones are the heaviest.


  • Stiffer: these boards are a little stiffer than the inflatable ones and can provide more stability.
  • Right fit: these come in different sizes and can withstand more weight therefore you can find your perfect fit more easily.
  • Better Performance: These Cheap Paddle Boards glide more swiftly on the water and requires less effort. Hence, providing you a better experience.


  • Space: these boards take up a lot of space if you don’t have the right spot for them.
  • Travel: It is fairly hard to travel with these boards or transport them to your required spot.

Inflatable SUPs:

With PVC exteriors and drop-stitch construction that creates an air core, these inflatable cheap paddle boards are just a treat. They come with their inflating pumps and a storage bag for safekeeping. They are stylish and kid-friendly, you just have to make sure that they are fully rigid after you are done using the pump.


  • Less Space: they require far less space than the solid ones and do not require you to have a garage.
  • Easier to transport: Either you are traveling or just want to transport them to your favorite spot on the beach, it is super easy.
  • Paddling the Whitewater: If you are certain that you are going paddling on the waters where you will have bumps and all, then choose these great inventions. They can handle rocks and logs better than the other ones.


  • Time-consuming: It can take your time to pump them and can be tiresome for some.

Weight and Volume:

You also have to make sure to choose the right weight and volume capacity when it comes to your cheap paddle boards.


The volume of any SUP is directly proportional to the weight it can bear meaning the more volume of the board the more wight it can take. The volume is usually expressed in liters and can indicate the best one for you.

Weight capacity: 

The amount of the weight a board can hold is called its weight capacity and is expressed in pounds. These are important to notice while buying because if the weight capacity is lower than your body weight then you go lower in the water. This problem can be more severe than you think as you might not even able to paddle efficiently. Also, try to calculate the amount of wight of other supplies you plan to carry with you on the board.

So now that you have all the important aspects that you need to buy the perfect SUP for you. Here are the few suggestions for cheap paddle boards:

  1. iRocker 10′ paddle board
  2. Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer
  3. Cheap Stand Up Paddle Board – ISLE Peak
  4. Ten Toes Weekender
  5. Zray 10’10” X2 Inflatable SUP 

So if you want to enjoy this exotic experience in the sea then explore the above options.

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