Subaru Bike Rack Review


Subaru Bike Rack Review

After a long, stressful month of work, it’s time to unwind. While some people stay at home, it’s best to go outside and relax with nature.

Mountain biking is a popular and fun hobby you should try this 2020. It helps burn your calories and stay fit while enjoying the picturesque views of the mountain.

Transporting your bike, however, can be a headache, and a Subaru bike rack can come into play. A quality rack keeps your bicycle in a secure condition. What are the best options on the market? In this comprehensive review, you will know some feature-packed brands. Are you ready? Take a look at the following:

Yakima Highroad

Are you looking for one of the best roof racks for your upcoming vacation? Your long search has finally ended. The Yakima Highroad should be on top of your list. Easy to install, you can go to your desired location with peace of mind. The loading and offloading of bicycles are comfortable and quick. There are no tools required. It is ideal for people who are transporting a single bike for their fast-approaching trip.

What many travelers love about it is that it ensures zero contact to the frame of your Subaru Outback. This keeps the paints in the bike in perfect color and shape. It also avoids scratches and other potential damages to your vehicle over time.

Security is another feature Yakima Highroad offers. It also features a cable lock to keep your bike secure. For extra security, invest in a quality lock cores. Don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest brand. Always choose the brand with proven longevity.


-The installation is ideal for those who are less tech-savvy.
-The design is heavy-duty and sturdy
-Available at a competitive rate
-It is easy to fold when not in use


-It is not the best option for small wheel sizes

Allen Sports Deluxe 2

The Allen Company has been providing innovative and quality products for bikers of all ages. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 is one of the most reliable bike racks among Allen Company’s wide collection.

It has a configurator design that guarantees a simple installation. There are no complex tools required. It can also accommodate two bikes at a time.

This bike rack comes with cradle arms that measure 12 inches in length. This helps the rack carry different bikes of all sizes. It is also available with straps, increasing safety and reliability.


-The installation process is quick and convenient
-It can accommodate bikes of different models, shapes, and sizes
-It can hold two large bicycles
-The straps are strong and can withstand the test of time


-Its design is not as stunning/stylish as you imagine

Thule Archway XT

A Subaru bike rack that accommodates multiple bikes is imperative when you’re traveling with family, friends, and colleagues.

Among the variety of options, the Thule Archway XT stands out from the other brands in the market. It is tailored to transport a maximum of three bikes at a time. It comes with anti-swing cages that place the bicycles in the best position possible. It also has locking cables for additional security.


-It is fun to install on your Subaru Outback
-It can carry at least 2 or 3 bikes
-Made with top-notch security features
-It features quality and effective anti-swing cables
-The fit dial provides a perfect fit


-There are many complicated assembling instructions

Thule T2 Classic

Most racks are developed to transport small bicycles. While some can transport large ones, it is only fitted with adapters.

The Thule T2 Classic, however, is ideal for bikes with a length of 20 or 29-inch wheels. This is also suitable for those who own bikes with a great number of sizes.

Accessibility to the storage areas and the trunk has been a top concern for bikers. Things have changed today. This rack provides a tilt-back feature that allows access to the rear part of your Subaru Outback. You can also fold it up for effortless storage.

The safety of your car and bike is probably your top priority, but stopping on the road to check whether or not they get scratches can be a hassle. This rack comes with ratcheting arms that are adjustable and frame-free.

What else? The rack has a snug Tite lock as well.


-It folds up for convenient and easy storage
-It tilts back, making the trunk accessible
-It is able to fit wider tires without the use of an adapter
-It is fully adjustable, which can promote a zero contact


-The assembling process may be complicated. Please feel free to raise your queries and other concerns.
—–It requires a hitch to operate

Swagman XTC Hitch Bike Rack

As a hitch-mount rack, Swagman XTC keeps both the vehicle and bikes away, avoiding scratches and other expensive damages. They won’t wobble or get detached from the mount.

This Subaru bike rack is unique as it doesn’t utilize a normal vertical system. It comes with hoops to secure the wheels with a rubber strap instead. This ensures stability and security.

While the bicycles are in place, the rack still gives you enough access to the hatch. It also folds away, making the rack safe.

The installation is effortless. You can attach the rack to your car within a few minutes. You can also remove it without a hard time.

Swagman XTC is tailored with a durable steel design, so it remains functional after years of usage. It has a strong build that can carry bicycles that measure 35lb. It also has a soft coating and rubber straps.


-Available at an affordable cost, so there are huge savings to expect
-Fun to load or offload
-It is durable and long-lasting because of the steel construction
-The installation can be a DIY task


-Your vehicle must have a hitch to install the Subaru bike rack

Final Verdict

So, what’s your choice? Any of these brands will be a good investment.

But before you make a purchase, determine your needs ahead of time. Also, what’s your budget? Do you want an affordable or luxurious rack? Always invest in a quality and sturdy option for your convenience.

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